Strategies to Improve Organizational Health

Recently, the concept of employee well-being gained significant attention in the corporate world. Organizations, big or small, realize that their employees’ physical, emotional, and psychological health is crucial for the success of their business. However, over time, HR professionals and organizational leaders shifted their focus to creating healthy organizations.

Organizational Health: Understanding the Concept

When your employees feel supported, respected, and valued, your organization evolves as healthy. The organizational leaders and HR professionals in such an organization recognize the importance of its employees’ well-being and take proactive steps to promote it. The concept goes beyond traditional wellness programs and benefits and encompasses a range of practices that promote employees’ overall health and wellness.

Salient Features of a Healthy Organization

In a healthy organization, managers and leaders have better relationships with all the stakeholders. The organization easily adapts to various changes, both predictable and non-predictable. Enlisted are the crucial features of a healthy organization.

Defines and lived values and culture every day

A healthy organization follows a set of well-articulated values that underpin the purpose of your organization’s existence and its values. These values and culture translate into a concrete behavior you expect your employees to exhibit daily. Companies having high employee satisfaction have a well-defined and fostered corporate culture.

Structure follows strategy

To address the continuous change happening in the environment, your organization must adjust its functional structure. Today, mergers and acquisitions have become commonplace across industries, and their integrations require revision of the organizational structure. Every major update of your organizational strategy triggers a revision of its structure. Therefore, deploying a strategy without aligning the structure causes the strategy to fail and the company to drift away from its core purpose.

High performing teams

Each of its teams must be healthy and effective for your organization to be overall healthy. It begins with a fundamental task for the leaders leading the people and ensuring that the right persons gets appointed to the right positions. Recruiting employees is probably the most important task for any line manager to get that right. If you develop a healthy organization, your leaders are proficient in developing teams that collaborate to achieve common goals. Employees and managers offer their assistance to one another to meet corporate objectives.

Strong leadership

Good leadership is another characteristic of a healthy organization. Employees in such an organization have good relationships with management based on trust. Managers and other leaders know how to get employees to function together.

Effective Strategies to Build a Healthy Organization

Enlisted are some effective strategies you can implement to improve organizational health.

Create a cohesive, strong leadership team

The first step towards building a healthier organization is to involve your leadership team. From strategic planning to execution and tracking, ensure your managers participate in every stage of the journey. Leaders account for at least 70% of fluctuations in employee engagement scores, and a good reason. Your team of highly skilled managers sets a specific tone for entire teams, motivate top performers, and identifies workplace issues at an early stage.

Be clear in your mission

When seeking productivity and performance, your organization must not underestimate the importance of the mission. Building a healthy organization is impossible without a clear definition of the organization’s mission statement. Every nine in ten employees believe that it is important for an organization to have a clear mission and purpose. A mission statement is an articulated company’s purpose and the reason behind every action and decision you make. When writing the mission statement, you must be specific ad avoid vague words, and the statement must determine your firm’s direction and ultimate goal.

Reinforce your mission

Besides developing and documenting your organization’s core values, you must share them in a way that encourages employees to follow them. You can connect your employees to your company’s mission by living it. If you have already tried to transmit an organizational mission, it is worth measuring the adoption.

Communicate, communicate & communicate

When you are right, over-communication is an excellent way to avoid negative perceptions of your organization. Over-communication helps leaders to transmit important messages that their employees can hear. Employees know what you expect from them and have all the necessary directives to deliver tasks effectively.


Creating a healthy organization is crucial for every organization regardless of size, location, and business vertical. If your organization is healthy, it will bring numerous benefits. South Asia’s leading consulting firm, Talent Intellect, helps organizations transform employee well-being into a winning business strategy, ensuring that your employees are healthy, happy, and productive. The organization focuses primarily on creating a better employee experience, developing effective well-being strategies, and empowering leadership to promote healthy organizations.

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