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Having the best-fitting talent with the right skill sets, behavior, and experience has become the most challenging issue for any business in Thailand and worldwide. Talent-Intellect’s staffing and recruitment outsourcing solutions provide the clients’ organizations with the Talent they are looking for and the agility they need to win.

To manage the complexity of today’s war for Talent, our clients need talent solutions that support business strategy and workforce needs. With our deep experience in HR and staffing solutions, we work closely with our clients to understand the business requirements to deliver the best matching Talents with the right skills and behavior.

We provide Outsourcing services by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to bring high value-added and integrated services to our clients by leveraging on talented professionals, advanced technologies and our technical know-how. We attract, grow and retain our customer base by providing excellent quality, cost-effective and, more importantly, by always being attentive and prepared to go the extra mile to meet our client’s needs.

Talent Intellect – Talent Outsourcing Services

As a leading talent outsourcing service provider in Thailand, we understand businesses’ challenges in attracting, retaining, and managing talents. That’s why we offer a range of outsourcing services designed to support businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

What We Offer

At Talent Intellect, we offer a comprehensive suite of talent outsourcing services, including:

Employee Hosting
We provide Employee hosting service that helps our clients better manage their operations through turbulent economic times. Employee hosting serves many purposes. With hosting, your key staff transition to Talent Intellect Outsourcing payroll and continue their responsibilities with your company. Through employee hosting, we can help you retain your key staff and, add a level of convenience for individual personnel.

Our payroll services take the stress out of managing your staff’s salaries and benefits. We handle everything from calculating wages to preparing and submitting payroll tax reports.

We handle the entire recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and making job offers. This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the time-consuming and often complicated task of finding the right talent.

Our HR outsourcing services help businesses streamline their HR processes, from developing and implementing HR policies to managing employee benefits and HR compliance.

What are the key Benefits of Outsourcing?

Lower investment
The immediate cost of outsourcing HR and staff is much lower than in-house staffing. This can be hugely beneficial for SMEs or start-ups in Thailand or anywhere in the world.

Greater flexibility
While in-house staffing requires your commitment as an employer, staff outsourcing can give clients more flexibility in terms of payroll, HR management, IT-related services, etc. You can focus on particular outcomes, projects, or operations without committing to an employment relationship upfront.

Improving your business efficiency
Staff or talent outsourcing provides a simple way to improve day-to-day operational efficiency. You can pick and choose what you would prefer a third party to deal with for you while you can focus on your core activities.

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