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We help Business to reboot Human Resource strategy in a Fast-Changing World!

We are a professional group of highly experienced Talent Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are passionate about “People and Leadership” and are obsessed with delivering value to clients, partners and community. We understand the complex human resource challenges across industries, especially in the age of digital disruption where people-centred Businesses are going agile to operate in a very different way, with Leadership, Values, Ethics and Sustainability all reinforcing the Organization Culture.

We are here to help Business stay abreast of all latest developments around People Operations as well as human resource management services and help foster a digital workplace that empowers Talent and encourages innovation. Today’s market confers two options: disrupt or be disrupted, continuously reinvent or simply be left behind. In order to survive and thrive amidst the disruption, organizations must surely focus not just on technology and processes, but also develop the right people strategies. We help you build a happy, healthy, engaging, productive and an inclusive workplace through our human resource management services in Thailand and across the Asia-Pacific region.


We aim to be Asia-Pacific’s leading Digital Talent Partner to co-create Future

Maximise Employee Experience while Reducing costs for Business Sustainability. We ensure a holistic digital transformation in the Human Resource Management not just for the Business but for the wholesome growth of Talent in an effort to help them survive and thrive in an uncertain world.


To help People to flourish



Unleash Talent Potential

Unleash Talent Potential

To reskill and upskill the human resource so that they are better prepared for change and equipped with skills to leverage on the latest technology. When almost every essence of the business can be copied, talent is the greatest asset that can never be duplicated, hence it is vital to always put people first and invest in them.

Unlock Technology Power

Unlock Technology Power

We help businesses in Thailand and across Asia-Pacific region to adapt new technology by integrating digital tools and data analytics into an organization. Various social platforms, cloud services, apps, software, and artificial intelligence are incorporated together enabling informed decision making and efficient execution with data insights.

Uplift Workplace Culture

Uplift Workplace Culture

To foster a digital culture by developing an agile mindset so that Talents are adaptable, curious, and flexible when dealing with new challenges. A culture of continuous improvement of the human resources is crucial to sustain business growth and that’s where servant leadership comes in place to ensure a team with high resilience.

Unfold Business Future

Unfold Business Future

To ensure Businesses are future-proof and future-ready by recognising the importance of Digital HR in helping the company to accelerate daily activities, increase productivity, enhance overall performance, thus achieving a robust and sustainable business growth.

Our Values = (T+A+L+E+N+T) x (Integrity)

T – Trust
Talent intellect is all about building trust. Trust is our most important brand asset, especially in relationships with our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders. We make bold decisions, take calculated risks, and act in the best interest of People around us.

A – Agility
Our unique ability to respond to change and dealing with an uncertain and turbulent environment help the clients to deliver values at a faster pace.

L – Leadership
Our result-oriented focused approach enables us to find the best possible solutions for clients. We follow collaborative and inclusive leadership styles to work together, which in turn has a profound impact on the ability to sustain growth and success over time.

E – Excellence
In Talent Intellect it’s not our intention or promises that matters, but the impact of the end result really matters. We strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions to our clients.

N – Nimbleness
Every individual is unique, every client is unique in their business, background, requirement and maturity level. Cookie-cutter solutions just don’t work. We leverage being Nimble by using our knowledge and expertise to provide our best possible solutions that are customized and well suited the specific needs of our clients to achieve their Business goals.

T – Transparency
We don’t believe in beating around the bush. At Talent Intellect you get what you hear. We discuss all pros and cons with each of our clients and come up with the best possible solutions without any hidden agenda.

I – Integrity
Integrity in our work creates a positive culture of open communication and gives us a strong moral guideline for all of our decisions. With integrity we gain trust and respect from the people around us.

Integrity is defined in our core values as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, which means that every task, every conversation, business deal and every learning opportunity is met with utmost honesty and the desire to do what is right to uphold our personal and professional reputation of doing a business with ethics.

Company Objectives

We are a Business Driven & People Focused solution provider based in Thailand. We deliver Excellence through People for growing the Business beyond its boundaries. To remain competitive in the market, we actively drive change and in this transformation process, our People are the key. We provide digital HR services, very highly sought-after workforce advice, expert consultation and customized solutions to Talent Outsourcing.

We work with business leaders, professionals and individuals, providing HR services, coaching, consulting, counselling, and outsourcing options in Thailand and other parts of the world. Our services can be customized and tailored to the needs of your Business. Increased productivity, quality, accuracy and speed with HR digitization and cost optimization are the key focus of our solution as an integral part of your digitalization journey and enable employees to proactively drive their development.


People Lead. Technology Support.

Future-Proof Your Business in a Changing World. 


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