How to structure a more productive workday?

Remaining productive at work means completing the assigned tasks and checking off numerous items on the to-do list. It might involve writing a business proposal or creating a website. However, in reality, you might experience small distractions throughout the day, making you feel unprepared for the assigned tasks- no matter the amount of effort you put into completing the job.

Best Ways to Structure Your Workday

With the different ways to structure your workday, it is difficult to tell the best approach for you. However, it is best to research the various ways of structuring your day and try different options before deciding on the best approach. Enlisted are some ways you can structure your workday.

Prioritize Specific Tasks

Some assignments require more priority over others, as they are time sensitive and urgent. Considering these factors, you need to focus on completing those tasks earlier. While most of us try to prioritize tasks in our schedule, the best way to remain productive is to schedule your priorities.

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Adopt SMART Goals

When you need to complete a big project within a shorter deadline, it is better to divide things into small segments. It will help you manage tasks easily. We must work towards SMART goals denoting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. With a viable deadline, you can avoid procrastination and even stress. When you have sound knowledge about the final products, figuring out the steps you need to follow to achieve them becomes easier.

Admit Mistakes

Often accomplishing a goal requires stepping back and evaluating your overall progress. It is the moment when you create a safe space, forgive yourself for any setbacks, admit mistakes and move on. With a clear perspective, you can deal with the inability of decision-making caused due to overthinking a problem, which, if aggravated, will destroy productivity.

Structuring Your Workday for Maximum Productivity

If you are looking for efficiency, research and structure your workday for maximum productivity. Trying the enlisted steps helps you organize your time to improve productivity, regardless of your work.

Follow the Calendar

When you mark all the activities on your calendar, it helps you understand the importance of time. On a micro level, it allows you to determine your time in a day and schedule your initiatives accordingly. Besides, following your calendar helps eliminate distractions and time spent on unnecessary things. On a macro level, when you schedule your goals throughout the year on your calendar, you achieve larger goals efficiently.

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Determine Your Most Productive Hours

Determining the time of the day when you are most productive is essential, as it is that time of the day when you focus on completing complex tasks. Different people are best productive at different times of the day. For example, some people find they are most energetic during the mornings. If you are one of them, schedule complex, significant and challenging tasks simultaneously. Schedule easier tasks that require less focus during the other times of the day.

Keep Meetings Brief

Besides checking social media accounts and email, attending meetings also lowers your productivity. A study of over 3 million people in 16 global cities confirms that employees participate in more meetings than ever. Often we schedule back-to-back meetings, which creates longer workdays and hinders productivity. The best solution is to keep the meetings short by focusing on three vital aspects- the agenda, a person to lead and a two-minute rule.

Set Your Agenda before the Beginning of Workweek

Structuring your workdays begins during the weekend. It is when your mind is free, and you think about all the tasks you must complete during the week. Having a clear plan and goals helps you set the table correctly, allowing me to get the most out of each workday.

Schedule Breaks

Although taking breaks during the day might seem counter-intuitive, it boosts your productivity. You must take a few short breaks for five or ten minutes, helping you refresh your mind and prepare to focus on your goals. Do you work for a longer time without any breaks? Working in such a manner will make you feel tired and difficult to concentrate. Take a few short breaks away from your desk to completely disconnect from work and resume working with a refreshed mind.

Allocate Extra time for Challenging Tasks

Often you might struggle with some specific task. What do you do in such a scenario? The best way is to offer some extra time to it. Allowing extra time for challenging tasks helps in reducing stress. If possible, assess tasks according to their difficulty levels, as it helps you organize the rest of your schedule mindfully and efficiently. You can also add this to your calendar to limit any conflicting demands.

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Review Your Day’s Progress

After setting your priorities and planning your time, review your day’s progress. Check your progress with your daily priorities and adjust your schedule as necessary. When you keep track of your progress, you understand your capacity, making it easier to cope with new tasks and issues that might arise unexpectedly throughout the day.

Eliminate Distractions

Your workplace might have many distractions; removing them is crucial to improving productivity. Do you have your office? Then, shutting the doors when necessary helps you remain focused. However, if you work in an open-plan office, wearing headphones might help. Besides, while working, try to close the email browsers and avoid your mobile phones, as it helps you concentrate better.

Organize Your Workspace

Declutter and organize your workstation to boost productivity. A cluttered and untidy workstation often distracts you making it challenging to achieve goals. Besides, you will also experience difficulty finding the required tools and documents, lowering your productivity.


Structuring your workday isn’t difficult. All you need is a little planning and scheduling your tasks beforehand. Moreover, preparing a blueprint helps you navigate all your important tasks.

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