Best Ways to Tackle Recession with a People-Centric Approach

What was once considered a mere expectation appears to be closer than businesses could have imagined. The 2007–2009 Great Recession freshened public consciousness as another potential economic downturn looms over the market. The recession of 2023 approached faster than expected, keeping businesses in a dilemma about how to proceed. Although it’s essential to learn from the past, HR leaders and small business owners can benefit from differentiating between the time periods and adjusting strategies accordingly.

How do Businesses deal with Recession and Labor Shortages?

During the economic crisis and recession of 2009, 55% of HR leaders expanded their layoffs, and 41% started downsizing. However, it isn’t 2009. The Great Recession might slow down, and the US might suffer a critical labor deficit. It is when business leaders will struggle to manage reduced consumer spending and a lack of available talent. HR professionals, at the same time, prioritize employee engagement and retention. While some firms experience potential layoffs, especially in the technology industry, several other workplaces struggle to retain their valuable employees.

Best Ways HR Professionals Tackle Recession

Business leaders focus more on HR’s way of dealing with the recession than fighting the battle themselves. Most high-performing businesses fail and lose top talent as a result of poor decisions. Let’s discuss the tips and tricks that would help HRs tackle the recession efficiently.

1: Give reasons to your employees

It is essential to be transparent and upfront with employees regarding HR decisions. Honesty helps build trust and reduce long-term reputation damage, particularly during tough times. Clear communications will, at the same time, boost your employees’ morale. Besides being concerned about the organization’s stability, HR professionals also focus on your employees. Therefore, it is best to let your employees know that your organization is reliable even in bad times. It helps reduce turnover rates during the recession and ensures that employees stay productive and happy in their roles. It is essential for your employees to understand your “why” and remain loyal to your organization despite unfavorable times.

2: Effective communication

Another factor most businesses fail to consider is effective communication with their staff. Your employees’ opinions also matter, and you must never forget that the employees are the backbone of your organization. With the recession of 2023 approaching, business leaders must discuss the changes that might occur as time draws closer. Discuss important projects with your employees that might come up and make possible adjustments to employees’ schedules. Discuss with empathy and clarity if the organization is laying off some staff. Discuss with your employees what you expect and how you will handle certain situations.

3: Thinking out of the box

Another step toward effectively addressing a recession is to think differently and strategically. Most businesses lose top employees because organizations fail to utilize effective strategies and focus on standard and ineffective tips and tricks. Earlier, human resource professionals could not understand the requirements to keep employees engaged, productive, and satisfied. Therefore, higher turnover rates have become a severe issue in the workforce today. When you think differently, your employees deserve certain things, regardless of the state of the economy. The amount does not matter in most situations, and employees will remain loyal.

4: Prioritize development and training

Engaging your employees in training and development is another way to combat the recession. When you prepare your employees for what lies ahead, they stand firm and resist the issues. Upskilling and reskilling your employees is another excellent way to retain talent without recruiting.


Recession 2023 is closer than we think, and most businesses soak in fear. Human resource management includes several different tasks and processes. While you can automate or digitize several repetitive tasks, HR functions revolve around people. We discussed some strategies that help tackle the recession effectively for a sustainable business.

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