9 Benefits to Collaborate Your Business with Micro-Influencers

Despite the influencer market being hot these days, no one considers the same. Do you want to bridge the gap between organic social reach and paid ads? A micro-influencer can help market your goods and services. Although marketers collaborated with influencers with a large following at the beginning of the trend, today, marketers find more value in collaborating with those with a smaller number of social media contacts.

However, identifying the right influencer for your brand is the first step in creating the framework for a profitable collaboration. In this post, we will help you figure out the basics of micro-influencers’ work and the benefits they offer to your brand.

Micro-Influencers: Who Are They?

Unlike the typical celebrities, public figures and experts, micro-influencers create content on social media, offering the best opinion respected and accepted by brands. Brands look towards them for news, advice and ideas. Besides, influencers often have a niche that interests them and humankind. Micro-influencers are influencers with a follower count between 10,000 and 100,000, depending on their industry. Interest in a particular niche offers high engagement rates and several followers. Unlike traditional influencers, micro-influencers have a modest number of followers.

For instance, a yoga influencer operating several studios can boast millions of followers. On the other hand, a yoga micro-influencer with only a few thousand followers posts instructional videos for their fans on Instagram so they can practice yoga at home. However, micro-influencers’ average posts receive a healthy engagement despite the size of their follower base.

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Benefits of Micro-Influencers Marketing

When you collaborate and strategize with micro-influencers, you unlock various benefits for your brand. It ranges from building your brand reputation to improving your campaign conversion rates. Enlisted are some benefits your brand can achieve when you collaborate with micro-influencers.

Boost brand awareness

Collaborating with micro-influencers helps you spread awareness about your brand, products and services. While mega-influencers help you tap massive audiences, micro-influencers help drive more engagement. Even with fewer followers, they help your brand develop valuable connections.

Build trust

Trust is the foundation of any business. The promotional content you post, your followers are likely to question your brand’s credibility. However, when you collaborate with micro-influencers, they change the perception and boost customer trust. According to several types of research, approximately 83% of consumers trust peer communication rather than brand advertising. Therefore, you might find your audience trusts a recommendation from a friendly neighborhood micro-influencer instead a branded profile or celebrity influencer.

Boost website traffic

Since micro-influencers drive better engagement, they drive high-quality organic traffic to your website comprising loyal customers watching and interacting with their content regularly. Micro-influencers have a higher conversion rate of over 20% and have better ROI than other channels.

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Boost SEO rankings

When you collaborate with micro-influencers, they, directly and indirectly, benefit your search engine optimization. Approximately 86% of advertisers use micro-influencer marketing to empower their marketing campaigns, with about 57% reporting that their performance exceeded the other brand-created content. Since these influencers have a pool of loyal followers, collaborating with them helps you reach more audiences instead of engaging only in SEO activities.

Generate sales

Influencers often help increase your sales directly and indirectly. How? Because they sell discount codes or recommend your product and boost brand awareness. Moreover, when your target audience sees their favorite influencer share their content about your products and services, they feel encourages placing repeat orders.

Better audience feedback

Since micro-influencers are newer to the place, they are more open to project ideas, constructive feedback and different compensation models. Besides, they use each experience to learn and develop their brands. The micro-influencers you work with manage themselves, making it easier for brands to maintain and control campaigns while maintaining strong relationships.

Generate new ideas

As you get new insights from the audience, you can let your micro-influencer decide to present your brand in the best possible way. Micro-influencers are the driving force behind content creation and help you to create authentic and unique content for your products and services. Don’t you have a specific experience with some social media apps? You can ask your micro-influencer to take this into account.

Better engagement

Whether you want to announce a new product launch or boost the sales of your best product, collaborating with micro-influencers helps you achieve the same. When engaging with micro-influencers, you will find their campaigns boost engagement levels and marketing metrics. Are you wondering how? Because these influencers have strong relationships with their followers and respond quickly and frequently with personalized responses when their followers interact with them. The audience trusts what they say and the products and services they promote. They easily receive impressions, clicks and comments, turning them into actionable conversions.

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Since micro-influencers are real people, their Instagram content is real. Although with a few thousand followers, the micro-influencers receive authentic replies and shares to their posts. When a micro-influencer engages with a promotional post on Instagram, most followers click on the content to learn more about your brand.

Besides, Instagram recently changed its algorithm. Therefore, posts from profile users appear first in the Instagram feeds. Moreover, social media platforms prioritize authentic and quality content over famous brands’ promoted content, increasing the visibility of micro-influencers’ content.


Even today, most brands continue to underestimate the power of micro-influencers. They prefer collaborating with mega-influencers having over several thousand followers. If you are one of them, it is time to reconsider your influencer-marketing plan. Micro-influencers offer you genuine and authentic engagement within your budget, thereby allowing your brand to balance between achieving consistent reach and finding an audience who is a good fit.

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